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Ready to go global?

Web Designs

According to Google “…More Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers…” This means your website has to look professional on all devices and especially on mobile devices as this is what most of your clients prefer to use.

We create Responsive Web Designs that help your business display perfectly on all devices, match client requirements and allow them to re-visit your website anywhere.

Web Designs

“US online retail sales will reach $334 billion this year and will grow to $480 billion by 2019” This means consumer behaviour has changed. 

Selling items online is no longer an alternative option, but a must.

We build eCommerce Web Designs that enable your customers to access and shop for items easily from your online store from anywhere at any time.

*Source: Forrester research


What exactly do we mean by Online Marketing?

Anything on the internet 

to grab people’s attention, get your business recognised, and encourage customers to buy your products and then buy them again.

We provide Online Marketing packages to help you increase exposure, gain customers, and sales.


Graphic Designs

Designing graphics to make your products stand out from others. Making your brand more approachable and understandable with info-graphics.

Logo Designs

Providing a personal and sophisticated logo design that will make it stand out from your competitors and one that your customers will remember.

Web Maintenance

Maintaining your professional reputation online. Updating and inserting images, news and/or promotions from your company.


Providing custom calligraphy artwork for any type of event. All artwork can be shipped worldwide, or provided as a printable file. We also contact tutoring workshop in private or group.


Professional photography services available. Allow us to create stunning photographs for your website, promotional material or just for memories.

Photo/Video Editor

Brushing up your photos to make them look the way you imagine them when looking through the view finder. Presenting your memories in video format to grab your customers' attention.


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